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“Pure mathematics is, in its way,  the poetry of logical ideas”.... Albert Einstein

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How do I get get started?

There are 3 different plans:  1.  State Per-paid plans  2.  529 plans  3.  Coverdell IRA plans

How do I save for college?  What does it cost?

Today’s estimate of a 4 year degree including tuition, fees, room & board:

1.  Ivy league……………38,000/year

2.  Private college……...29,000/year

3.   State University..…..19,000/year

4.  Community college.. 10,000/year

5.  Trade school ……....10,000/year

1. Florida pre-paid plan

             (no income limitations)

Pre-paid tuition & dormitory room for 4 years.

approximately 485/month for 17 years = $98,940

(guaranteed tuition regardless of returns)

2. 529 Plan

        (no income limitations)

Variable monthly payments

highly diversified investments.

300/month for 17 years

~5% return = 96,157

(no guarantee of returns or tuition)

3. Coverdell IRA

     ($2000/yr.  maximum & agi cannot

       exceed $200,000)

 We recommend this

Low monthly payments, moderately diversified, actively managed utilizing Advanced Math algorithms.

$2000/year for 17 years

~7.5% return= $71,355

(no guarantee of returns or tuition)

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Here’s the math: